Microsoft Access and program speed

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I am currently a small business IT developer/manager and I have what is hopefully an easy question. We currently run a VB program that updates/connects and writes to an Access file as well as update with Quickbooks. Upon investigating data corruption and other issues with this program it would seem that I cannot improve the performance/speed of the program concerning the dynamic listing of the data. I have argued with the programmer that when programming in Access without using the .net or a dynamic database server system, that the program in question typically will attempt to copy over the entire or a large portion of the access file to the local machine from the server before updating any input or modification. Bear in mind the file is roughly 600mb large.

Am I right? Does access slow things down by copying the files over to the local user in a multi user environment? Is this a networking issue, a programming issue, or just the way access and VB interact?

sorry for the newbie question, and I hope it is spelled out well enough, but thanks for helping put a semi office fued to rest.

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by sventek_krishti In reply to Microsoft Access and prog ...

This really depends on how your program works, if instead of a vb front end it was in access imagine it being split, with the forms and no data but a front end and the data held in the back end, the server side.

This example is common place and is one way of speeding up your access, etc.

Also please note that SQL is the way to go, as the performance gains will be far better than you can hope to achieve in access.

When you say multiuser again clearer definition is needed, is there database replication or do you simply mean you have 10 users running the same application all using data within one .mdb at the back end ?

if your really concerned about traffic from client to server get a copy of wireshark and create a capture file from one machine to the machine with the database on it and record traffic size - making sure of course that you filter correctly so as to keep the results genuine.

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