Microsoft Access and VB

By omnknt232006 ·
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know any good books I can get that are narrowly focused on using VB with MS Access 2003? I am in need of a new reference book.

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these show up

by Dr Dij In reply to Microsoft Access and VB

in my books24x7 collection:

Microsoft Access 2002 Visual Basic for Applications Step by Step
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by Evan Callahan
Microsoft Press ? 2001 (333 pages)

This is a teach-yourself guide to creating custom software solutions, automating tasks, and taking creative control of Access Version 2002 by exploiting its built-in programming language, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
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Programming Micrososft Visual Basic .NET for Microsoft Access Databases
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by Rick Dobson
Microsoft Press ? 2003 (634 pages)

This book Provides programmers with the practical details they need to create or rewrite Microsoft Access?based client applications using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

I haven't read them.

Are you using VB separately and reading the database tables or are you using the VBA code withing access?

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VBA in Access 2003

by omnknt232006 In reply to these show up

I'm using the vb that is built in to access 2003. Basically I've been trying to clean up this database that this other programmer created. The only problem is when he created it he didn't use any standard naming conventions and didn't put ANY comments in the code section other than to stop a line here and there from executing. I wanted to wipe the thing and start over but the company said it would be too time consuming to proceed that way so I have to clean up this thing they called a databse instead.

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