Microsoft access database: How can I add a field column from a form button?

By bssiberia ·
I'm trying to create an daily attendance database with "Present", "absent", & "absent with apology" as the attendance field entries, that field should have the current date as the title,also is it possible to generate an excel worksheet report after seven days through a command button on a form?(attendance columns are the only changing fields) The other static fields in my table are "name" and "location". Please help!

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You do not want to do that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Microsoft access database ...

Your table should be

PersonID, Status, Date
1 Present 2010-07-12
1 Present 2010-07-13
1 Absent 2010-07-14
1 Absent 2010-07-15
1 Absent 2010-07-16

To get your data for the spreadsheet, use crosstab, excel has it's own so it might be easier to do it in there.

But crosstab tab would give you

Person 2010-07-12 2010-07-13 .. 2010-07-16
1 Present Present Absent

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Thanks Tony

by bssiberia In reply to You do not want to do tha ...

Thanks Tony, although i still can't figure out how I'll come up with a report indicating a week attendance for about 60 people, I'm still new in VB and database programming

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