Microsoft Access Database, Max User Question

By rihicks ·
I currently am running an Access Database for 41+ users. We have dedicated a standalone PC to act as the server for the database. We're are incurring Exclusive rights issues. Is there a limit or a suggested max user for running such an application from a standalone PC/server?

Thank you.

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That's not necessarily a max user issue

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Microsoft Access Database ...

you could get that with two.
Can't really say without knowing
Why the exclusive lock is being requested, how long it's required for and how often it's likely that contention will occur.

I've heard of people successfully running 50 users in access, though personally I wouldn't try, not being a big fan.

You might be able to design this out, if not then you are going to have a look at migrating.

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Check what records they're hitting

by Maevinn In reply to Microsoft Access Database ...

Sometimes it's a matter of determining that 2 users really are trying to change the same data at the same time. Otherwise, I won't trust Access for more than about 10 truly concurrent users--starts getting buggy, requires more maintenance and administration. Depending on your application, you might want to set up replicas instead. More administration initially, but less in the long run.

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Need to Create these users and give rights

by judy_saki In reply to Microsoft Access Database ...

Hi rihicks,

I don't know if am answering your question but just a suggestion for you to try...

1. Go to the management of users and groups on that dedicated PC.

2. Create all users and their matching passwords for those who will be accessing the database on this PC.

3. Create a group for these users who will be accessing the database and make all of these users member to that group.

4. Have the database sitting in one folder.

5. Share the folder on that dedicated PC.

6. Select Maximum allowed for the option to select the user limit.

7. Click Permissions button on that Sharing sheen and add that group with full rights.

8. Save/Apply changes and try get a user to access it.

All the best..


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