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    Microsoft Access Database Track Changes


    by comp_instructor ·

    In a form/subform grouping, I cannot get Access to track changes in data from both forms. I followed steps from a Microsoft on how to implement the tracking, and if I use each form indepently it works fine, but together – no luck.

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      Access Database Track Changes

      by mnmcollector ·

      In reply to Microsoft Access Database Track Changes

      I am not sure what you are using to trigger changes to log these changes but I would suspect that the problem is what you are using to monitor changes. Take a field that would almost always be one of the changed fields and use the after update or on change event. Remember also that a form/subform has to reference each other differently. If you use the me reference in the subform, it doesn’t necessarily refer to the correct form. Consider using “Parent.” if you want to refer to the master form.

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