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Microsoft Access & Modifying a Label

By d_irvine ·
I have developed an order tracking program using Access. I export our daily orders out of an accounting program and drop the orders into an Access database for tracking purposes. I want to print barcode labels for each order based on the invoice number. When using the label wizard, the wizard only allows me to select one font of type and one type size for the entire label. I want three fields on the label plus one word "UPS". On the first line of the label I want the following two fields [INVOICE_No] [INVOICE_No2]. The first invoice field I want in font CODE3OF9 in 20 point size, I know I have to put an * at the start and an * at the end to make a barcode. The second Invoice No2 I want in standard 14 point Arial. On the second line is [Purchase_Order], again I want it in 20 point CODE3OF9 followed by the word UPS. This line is used to scan into our UPS courier system. (We import the orders into the UPS system daily, based on the new P.O. number). We are using a standard Avery laser label #5160. If this is possible, I would appreciate any help you can give me. Please keeping in mind when answering, I am only self taught and mainly use the wizards and some marco in developing this database. I have already created the query to get the specific fields I want, now I need to create the report based on this query. Thanks very much, D. Irvine

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Microsoft Access & Modify ...

if you find the label report and right-click on the fields and get Properties, do you not see how to change the fond and point size?
congratulations on your accomplishment

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by d_irvine In reply to

Thanks very much for taking the time to anwer, I appreciate your help. I tried your answer but selecting the properties changes the entire line. I can not select just portions of the line and make the changes to it. See my updated comment section.

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by d_irvine In reply to Microsoft Access & Modify ...

When I click on the properties section, it will only allow me to change the font size the font for the entire line. I want to have two separate sizes and two separate typestyles per line. Code3of9 in 20 point and the rest in 14 point Arial.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Microsoft Access & Modify ...

well, you are welcome and sorry it didn't help. when you refer to line, could that be each line is one field? as that would explain things, you only have font control one per field basis. it doesn't seem right but could be some fields getting concatenated into one? otherwise i am not gettng picture, sorry

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