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By CHardy316 ·
Alright, hopefully someone could help me out here.

I work at a TV station, and one of the things we do is something called "Academic Challenge". It's basically a game show where we ask high school students question. We have two people in the graphics department keeping track of the score. They do this using Microsoft Access.

They have an Access database with team one and team two. They can hit a button that will add 10 points, or subtract 10 points.

We also have two Deko systems set up that access that database file and read the scores and display them on a TV screen.

The database is stored on one computer called "Promo-126", and that database is accessed by another computer called "Promo-125".

We are constantly getting an error on Promo-125 that pops up and says "Disk or Network Error".

So far we've replaced the network cable that is connecting Promo-125 to the network hub and we replaced the network hub itself.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this issue? Thanks!

EDIT: I should also add that the laptops that are used to update the scores are running Windows XP Professional, and the Deko systems are running Windows NT.

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Well with a system that trivial, it's unlikely to

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Microsoft Access Question

be access's usual multiuser problems. Though if both Deko systems and both users are all trying to access and update such a small amount of data at the same time, I wouldn't fall off my chair if there were issues. Access is notoriously crap at that, having the mdb elsewhere just makes it worse.

Have you tried a repair on the mdb file, and done a chkdsk on teh server?

Why didn't you do the update off a web page by the way?

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