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Microsoft access quiz

By Nsabasi ·
Hi, i am trying to create a quiz in access that does the following:

1.register a user to track queston results
2. track which questions the user has been asked
track the responses to each question
3.The user can only take an exam twice with a time limit

So far i have a login script with users and a random quiz. I am not sure how to do the tracking and i have looked for materials/tutorials to no avail.

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Is this a database question?

by just_chilin In reply to Microsoft access quiz

Are you trying to build an application using MS Access forms & reports or are you trying to use Access as the backend of an application?
If so what platform are you building on? (Web,Windows,ASP,PHP,VB,JSP etc.)

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by Nsabasi In reply to Is this a database questi ...

sorry i did not explain properly. I am trying to make the quiz within access using forms and queries.

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by Nsabasi In reply to Microsoft access quiz

forget it; i have the answers on another forum

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Forum Information

by matthews382 In reply to


Would you provide me with the forum which discusses the access quizzes?

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