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    Microsoft activation after reinstall


    by jmz ·

    If I remove and reinstall Microsoft Office 2003 do I have to go through the product activation process again?

    Does the removal process leave the activation keys in the registry or some file?

    I believe that my copy has been damaged and this may be the only way to get it fixed. However, I have rebuilt this system before so last time I had to call and wait on hold for a hour to active it via a person. This is a big pain that I would rather not do again.


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      by jmz ·

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      by churdoo ·

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      The reinstall will want to activate again. If you have internet access however, and if the hardware hash comes out the same, meaning if your hardware has not changed since the last time you activated, then it will likely reactivate with no trouble. Otherwise, you will have to make the dreaded phone call, but when I’ve called recently, it’s been a 5-minute phone call.

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        Thanks, I will give it a try

        by jmz ·

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        I am running low on options so I will 1st remove all OS patches and do a repair, then add back the patches. See if that works.

        If not, off comes Office. Then a reinstall.

        The hash should not change so hopefully it will run smoothly.

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