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By khalid722 ·
i need some assistance please, basically a few weeks ago a few users started experiencing issues with microsoft Active Sync 3.8,not syncronising i spent days trying to resolve this and to date have found a work around thus not ideal but still a work around.

1. basically uninstalled all Microsoft active Sync software including registry enteries.
2. gave user temp admin rights during the installation
3. created a partnership sucessfully and did a syncronisation ok.
4. Advised user when finishing for the day close email
5. close ms active sync
6. End the wcescomm.exe process in task manager ensuring the icon (grey) disappears too.
7 shutdown windows.
8. when they next login the wcescomm.exe failed to intialise message appears again advising user to terminate this process 1st
9. open email
10. Open MS Active Sync via start/programs menu
11. the name of the last sucessful syncronisation is dispalyed saying not connected
12 dock ipaq and then it all sync fine.

machines are win xp sp2 with latest paches.

If we do not terminateb the process on shutdown and restart the pc the grey icon
is still there and when we start ms active sync via start/prorams menu
we get the failed to intialise message wcescomm.exe again we have to terminate this
process before we can start ms active sync via start/programs menu.
if we just dock the ipaq after loggin into windows even after terminating the wcescomm.exe process at shutodon it wants to run thru the partnership wizard

i have tried removing this process from msconfig startup lists also from the registry key where itr points to in ms config
but to no avail.

problem is that users temp adminn rights have been removed andthey are
unable to end this wcescomm.exe rocess message "access denied"

i need a way regisry keys ect so user can terminate this process without being member of admin group
please can anyone offer any advise

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