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    Microsoft and cookies


    by nader058 ·

    Everyone knows that cookies are both good and bad. However, in today’s environment where security is starting to get its rightful position cookies are more bad than good. In fact many respected security specialists advise against sites that send so many cookies.
    Of all the major sites that you may visit, the sites that are operated by Microsoft set the most cookies on your machine. Yahoo and Google are setting cookies too but just a few and you could tell they are genuine. Microsoft’s cookies are numerous, you get redirected to several IPs before connection, in the case of MSN messenger, and many times the certificate of the microsoft’s sites are invalid!
    I invite any one to test this for their own and see. Use Yahoo messenger and see how many times you are redirected before logging in and now use MSN. Open your Yahoo account and count the cookies sent to you and now open your hotmail account and do the same.
    Microsoft simply deceives everyone into thinking that it is very serious when it comes to security. The high number of cookies and redirections is contrary to its claim. This is on top of the fact that you can not use any other browser other than the slow, buggy IE for Windows Update.
    I think it is time that the IT community acts and pressures Microsoft to behave securely like Yahoo and Google.

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