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8 long months ago, I began the process of reporting a major security breach to MS, who only now claims to have "discovered" it on July 16 and goes on to state how there have been no reported incidents of exploitation. While I could never provide all the nightmarish details (the prob is ongoing!), allow me to say: I have evidence the intruders (who have completely, file by file, taken over my system and operate on a virtual server) are Arabic; the first contact I found was a Polish guy (exactlyas reported in the MS bulletin about July 16); can underwrite, without detection, every program I have installed (firewalls, antivirus, "killer" programs like "Stinger"); can walk through so-called https: secure sites like the frontdoor is wide open; are genius in sealing off my ways of saving evidence (render inoperable my A drive, CDRW, snatch attachments from email, etc.), and so on. I wrote MS several times, pleading for a response by a real human and got nothing other than their pre-written "we'll get back to you in 14 days." I spoke by telephone twice with MS "Security" guys who were both morons and kept telling me to try this product or that program. So, mine may not (or maybe is) be a national security issue, (it is a major financial and security issue with me), but pretend it is...when the next disaster befalls the U.S. or e-commerce, who besides me will be standing up and pointing a finger at MS, demanding we put the head of their security and communications and customer service depts. on trial? david asher 562-435-6496

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