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Microsoft and Piracy

I am quite bothered about the fact that Microsoft is now in this position of coming down hard on Software Piracy. First, I certainly do not think that Piracy is ok, and I do not practice this myself. But, coming from the ultimate thieves of all time, is quite absurd and in all truth software piracy is really what got them where they are today, because if it weren't for the widespread copying of their software - it wouldn't have led to the widespread acceptance, and they wouldn't be where theyare today. How many things have they ripped off someone else and called their own. It makes me absolutely sick, everytime I attend anything Microsoft and they claim something as their own when I knew that Digital or someone else was actually the company that did it. So, shouldn't we get the logs out of our own eye before we get the speck out of someone elses? It's not wrong to speak against Piracy, but it is wrong to speak against it when you practice it yourselves in other ways.

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You're right...

by Kima In reply to Microsoft and Piracy

Microsoft has been using the coding for Apple computer to implement what is known today as Windows, and many other technologies from other companies that have been out long before they came up with it.

The difference b/w them is their Marketingabilities & the ability to make their software somehow compatible with others..

As you, I believe that it is absurd to track piracy software when they have don't it themselves in one way or another..

And of course if it wasn't because of people getting their copy under the table, as we called, people will probably not even care or want to learn their software...

You know not everybody can afford a 300-500 dollar software every time they come up with a new one...They should be happy as to where they stand today...although they don't have the greatest software...

Bottom Line: MARKETING & COMPATIBILITY makes the difference. If new products don't market themselves or are compatible with other software packages, then they will suffer with companies such as MICROSOFT..

There are better software out there with more greater capabilities such as COREL & LINUX, but there's not much MARKETING or SOFTWARE compatible with them, which makes it harder for people to know about theirgreat capabilities or purchase when there's hardly any software for them that would be compatible with other OS software...

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using the coding for Apple computer?

by IT by Short Straw In reply to You're right...

Who remembers Xerox PARC? MS and Apple have both leveraged that GUI birthing machine; MS was just significantly better at it.

I still tire of mouse usage, incidentally, and I suspect all touch-typists feel the same.

Back to the piracy point and a related issue, upgrades and licenses:

I believe that businesses have no business basing their critical operations on pirated technology. Period. If you don't think the issue can and should be that simple, consider your companies products or services on the victim side of this question.

I agree, MS is not a very convincing victim, and most of the time it appears to victimize us frequently, but I'm too old-fashioned to give up on "2 wrongs <> 1 right" or The Golden Rule.


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my view on piracy

by qomputek In reply to Microsoft and Piracy

I just want to say that if it wasn't for piracy I would not be using Windows at all.

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Piracy keeps me employed!

by rzan In reply to my view on piracy

If it weren't for piracy, I would have never learned all the applications and different opreating systems I support today as a Network Engineer. I cannot go out and spend tens of thousands of dollars on software just to learn it and master the ins and out of using it. Piracy promotes education and acceptance, and if the software companies weren't so damn greedy and lower their prices to acceptable levels, there would be less piracy going on.

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Well said...

by Kima In reply to Piracy keeps me employed!

I'm with you one 100% on that one...

I wouldn't be where I am today either, without under the table software..

As you said, if they lower their prices to acceptable levels, there would be less piracy..

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by TimMitchell In reply to Well said...

Well, while I agree that many companies (Microsoft, are you listening??) charge too much for buggy software, I just can't get on board with this idea that some software piracy is 'necessary'.

Sure, you can learn a lot by stealing software and using it for training purposes. You can also learn how to drive by stealing a car and driving around in it. Still doesn't make it right.

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I agree

by dbgirl In reply to Ugh......

I must put in my $.02 here. I have to agree with TheGovernor. Stealing is wrong no matter how you justify it to yourself. While I am far from perfect, I just can't get on board with the idea of 'necessary piracy'.

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Acceptable level ?

by puppybreath In reply to Well said...

I'm curious...what is an acceptable level to pay for XP? Or Win2k? Or Adobe?

Who is going to have the final say to determine if the price is fair enough to not encourage piracy. Your argument just doesn't hold up. If the software was priced too high, it would never sell and the company would be out of business. It's called supply and demand.

You just want something for nothing.

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the old argument

by Blagger In reply to Well said...

I also agree with you, as I have done the very same. If you want to learn about software, you have to use it. Reading books about it is no substitute. And when "on the dole", you try to save every penny.

As soon as I got myself a job, the need for piracy software greatly disappeared.

However, your second point reminds me of the piracy-discussion back in the days of C64 and there has never been a solution to it.
All the people I know applied a rule. If the software was worth it, they bought it, and yes, we bought many (at ridiculous high prizes).

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Piracy is piracy

by mww1001 In reply to Piracy keeps me employed!

I've got one little problem with your self-righteous attitude about "spend tens of thousands of dollars on software just to learn it". You're not that much of a Net Admin if you don't know that you can get evaluation copies of practicaLLY EVERY network software package published by MS. The price of the eval CD's of software are typically less than 10 bucks each. If you weren't such a cheap skate you could get a Tech Net PLUS subscription of your very own for less than $400 a year. They'll mailyou the BETAs for everything. Then you could be ahead of everybody else that doesn't get them. If you really wanted to try out the software and train yourself on everything MS makes then you could buy a subscription to MSDN and they GIVE fully functional, never-suicide copies of ALL the Software MS makes, except the games and other useless drivel. Stop your damn bitching, you can write off the expenses as a legitimate business expense on your annual 1040 Schedule C!!!
Personally I think MS shoots themselves in the foot every time they bring out a new product that's not ready for prime-time. The marketing department has the product teams by the balls and seem to force them to release product before they have all the bugs out. In that regard MS will eventually screw-up bigtime and go down in flames. Just not today.

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