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    Microsoft Anti-Spyware on Citrix


    by casopasl ·

    The new Ms Anti-Spyware (Beta1) works very well on clients (XP & 2000). However, when it comes to deploying the program on Citrix Terminal Server, not only does it not find threats whose presence is confirmed on the server, it also runs an instance (gcasServ.exe, gcasDtServ.exe) for every user session, which significantly bogs the entire network. Also don’t even attempt to assign admin permissions on the program. A semi-savvy user can easily execute a scan by launching the quick-launch icon which every user has access to even after administrative rights/permissions have been assigned only to administrator.

    In a nutshell, if you are thinking of running MS Anti-spyware on Citrix and/or Terminal Server, please don’t. I’ve learned this the hard way.

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      Spyware on Citrix

      by jbruderly ·

      In reply to Microsoft Anti-Spyware on Citrix

      Does anyone have a good solution to guard against spyware on Citrix servers besides using Ad-Aware and logging in as each user and running a scan?

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