Microsoft BootWizard Problem

By eastman65 ·
After starting the Boot Wizard (v1.3.37.0) (Trace->Next Boot+Driver Delay) and rebooting, the Boot Wizard shows two messages:
1. "Saving the Boot trace to file
2. "Number of Physical drives in the trace file is 0. Trace file has invalid system configuration information."

I have a NONAME computer with EPOX EP-4PEA91 (intel i845PE), Intel Celeron 4/2000, DDR RAM 768 Mb, NVIDIA GF2 MX400 64Mb, Seagate 40,8 Gb ST_3409014A, combo NEC ND-4570A, monitor LG 17" Flatron 720B.

Where is the problem buried?

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Well Seagate doesn't list that model number as one of theirs

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Microsoft BootWizard Prob ...

So I'm assuming that it's a bit old and most likely a SATA Drive.

At a guess I would say that you need to load the SATA Driver for this to work as the HDD is not being seen.


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Changes to HDD model

by eastman65 In reply to Well Seagate doesn't list ...

Sorry. I've been mistaken as to HDD model. It is Ultra ATA/100 Barracuda 7200.7 (Seagate ST-340014A).

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OK then as this is a IDE Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Changes to HDD model

You need to enter BIOS and check that the Drive is correctly Recognized and then Save the changes when you exit. If you do not do this the HDD parameters will be for the old HDD that was fitted. Also because of the way that this is being used you may need to set it to the same setting as the Old drive that was removed. There is a Jumper on the 6/7 Pins between the IDE Plug on the HDD and the 4 pin power Plug. There are 3 possible setting that you can set here Master, Slave or Cable Select. Also on some of these Seagate HDD it is possible to limit the size of the HDD to 32 GIG with another jumper on these pins but then there are 8 pins in that section not 6 or 7 depending on the model of the HDD. If Boot Manager was setup to work on a Master and you are now using Cable Select the Boot Manager may not be able to recognize the HDD and is failing to register it correctly.

I hope that is of some assistance.


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Something else

by eastman65 In reply to OK then as this is a IDE ...

Thank you, OH Smeg. You are really rigorous.
But I am sorry to say that in my case the matter with HDD is quite clear.
1. Drive is correctly recognized.
2. No old drive has ever been installed on my computer.
3. The HDD is set as a Master and it has only 6 pins to choose from. And it has been always working as a Master.
4. The combo device is connected by a separate cable as a Master too.

Anyway I thank you for your time.

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