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Microsoft Bugs

By jstasyszen ·
Is any one else getting tired of all the additional work created by Microsoft and their ultra buggy, overpriced software. We used to expect quality from vendors, now we are expected to accept the crap they distribute and what is worse, pay the pricethey want and blindly accept their licensing agreements. I say BULL CRAP! We as computer professionals should reject the software. If the software has bugs we should not buy it or it should be sold at a greatly reduced price. If the practice of distributing of inferior software is continued by the vendor then the vendor should be liable and the consumer should be awarded cash settlements for they cost of repairing the system due to the vendors inferior software. If we boycott the vendors we could force them into making sure their products are superior and fully ready to be released on the market.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Microsoft Bugs

I agree with you 200% but you know that most people are cowards and bend when it comes to authority...

I wish that it would work, and if you start something, I'll support you, but don't expect to many people to break out of the mold. People generally like to follow it... No matter what the price!!!

If you are serious - send me an e-mail...


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