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Microsoft buyout of ailing Sony possible ???

By stargazerr ·
Microsoft and Sony ... ??? In one sentence??? Sounds Scary


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Yeah! One division can

by Dr Dij In reply to Microsoft buyout of ailin ...

install rootkits while the other detects them!

Or declares they are OK software in their spyware detector!

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No way

by SciFiMan In reply to Microsoft buyout of ailin ...

Bill is much smarter than that. It would be a big mismatch in what MS does vs. Sony. Microsoft has always fallen down when trying to get into hardware, and Sony is massively hardware. Not to mention the content side of movies and music. If Sony is having trouble finding it's way in these tough markets, there's no way MS can provide any expertise and leadership in those areas when it doesn't play there now. It couldn't improve Sony and help drive it forward to new leadership in the marketplace. Better uses for the MS savings account.

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by stargazerr In reply to No way

The Article only seems to be talking about the companies' respective gaming consoles. Maybe its not a total buyout. Maybe Gates is looking to corner the console market. M$ is doing pretty good in the XBOX area.

And maybe ...... this is a rumour .... ~a praying emoticon needed please~


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You're right

by M_a_r_k In reply to No way

The article was pure speculation by the author. A "what-if" scenario that he dreamed up. If anything, it would a buyout only of Sony's game console. MS is a software company. Sony is hardware and they are into more than computers. They sell PC monitors and peripherals such as DVD drives. They own entertainment companies--Sony Pictures. Stereo and video equipment. Cameras. Even a golf course, I think. None of this fits Microsoft's business model.

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Hmmm .. Lets Speculate then

by stargazerr In reply to You're right

Microsoft buys sony.

Bill Gates wants to become Master of all.

He advances with his first trembling steps into the Hardware Market.

People follow the MS cult just as stupidly as they follow windows.

We end up battling MS hardware as well as MS software.



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Seems to me...

by M_a_r_k In reply to Hmmm .. Lets Speculate th ...

...that you've been watching too many science fiction movies.

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