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Microsoft can't fix their own product.

By wehnbr ·
Take a look at knowledgebase article Q244610. It addresses a problem with the Protected Storage service not starting. My issue is exactly the description in this article.

When following the guidelines exactly stated in this article, the problem remains unsolved.

Any ideas?


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Not much help...

by Gruvdog In reply to Microsoft can't fix their ...

Sorry, this really won't help much but I couldn't resist...

Have you thought about scrapping that m$ crap and getting a REAL O/S, one not written by self absorbed megalomanial dweebs devoid of the slightest hint of maturity?

Try Solaris 8, or get a MAC!

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Opps! Almost forgot.

by Gruvdog In reply to Not much help...

I forgot to mention that m$ doesn't have any products of it's own to fix.

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Dear god man, did you say MAC?

by LordInfidel In reply to Not much help...

Are U insane?

Why the **** would you want to install a MAC anywhere, except for the fact that the box looks pretty?

Talk about no support.

Granted, M$ is evil, yes. But I have to give them some credit, they do document the **** out of their crap.

But you can't expect them to always have the right answer all of the time. I have found myself searching thru the MSDN for several hours looking for a resolution to a problem.

You just have to be a good investigator. Sometimes what wethink is the problem really isn't. It is too easy to blame the vendor in those cases.

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by darnoldchem In reply to Microsoft can't fix their ...

these people are the same company that releases products that are already broken. i am sorry for your unfortunate incident but if they can't help you, you may be up a creek with no means of displacing water.

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already broken....

by jay_2871 In reply to remember....

I am not aware of any os that has not had some patches within the first month of release, the problem is not the software(OS) the problem is the people who support it.

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by Gruvdog In reply to already broken....

I'm afraid you pulled that one from some deep dark moist recess.

There is and has been NOTHING RIGHT with m$ since uncle, Billy stole his first product, renamed it, and sold it to IBM!

Let's get a grip man!!

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Guys, get real.

by qomputek In reply to Microsoft can't fix their ...

As if other OSs don't have issues that no support is availible for at the moment.

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talk about MAC!

by cul8rm8e In reply to Guys, get real.

why dont you get youself a Mac a big one and have a think about anything you feel that has total support withought question!look at it in another context for instance MARRIAGE for life yes?NOT remember we are all human.

that was a good point mate!!!!!!!!!!

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