Microsoft DHCP servers are not capable of communicating with each other

By mel.f ·
Many years ago I set up a two DHCP servers, one was my primary and the other was my secondary and using an Oracle back end both the primary and secondary DHCP servers talked to each other and both servers registered new addresses with both the primary and secondary DNS servers. Along came Microsoft active directory and I was forced to replace my current setup the the Microsoft DHCP and DNS servers. I quickly learned that I had to split my DHCP ranges to have a primary and secondary DHCP server. I was ok with the situation and now many years later and after setting up many DHCP and DNS servers, nothing has changed. Along the way did I miss something? Is there a secondary product that allows DHCP servers to talk to each other? Switches and network speeds have improved to a point where it is realistic to have more than 254 devices on one network; this is especially true in educational environments where you have several labs sitting idle. Flatting out lab environments reduces the cost by not having to purchase layer 3 devices. So, please let me know if there is a DHCP product that integrates with active directory that allows two DHCP servers to share a single subnet?

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by jck In reply to Microsoft DHCP servers ar ...

I thought two servers could be on the same Class D (we had that set up one place I worked) subnet. One was the PDC, the other was a BDC. As long as the 2nd server is subbed to the PDC, it should talk through a hub/router/switch I think.

Been a while since I messed with it tho. YMMV.

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DNS talks but not DHCP

by mel.f In reply to um

Te servers talk to each other, but there is no DHCP replication. I set up a domain controller as a DHCP server and the scopes do not replicate. If you know how to make this happen, let me know.

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