Microsoft directories viewed by SAMBA are missing last character

By rkrisher ·
I have a Debian gaming machine on a network with the rest of my families PC's and a snap-server. Everything is workgrouped under "Workgroup". I can see all the computers when browsing the network from my Debian machine but when I go in them, the contents have the last character missing. Example, Directory "Downloads" will be "Download". I cant access the directory without SAMBA puking an error. If I go to the path bar and type in the missing character, it will go into the directory. File names appear the same way. I've searched around and can't seem to find someone else with the same issue. Filezilla for Linux will see everything correctly. Same issue also shows for native FTP clients as well. I have NTFS and other browsing things installed but nothing has helped. Is there something I'm possibly missing in the SAMBA config?

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