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    Microsoft – Echoes of the Past


    by colink ·

    Recently in an office discussion a colleague objected strenuously to the attacks made on Microsoft. The basis of his argument was that in creating a desktop platform for every user MS had benefited everyone, and was being attacked just because of it’s dominance.
    This got me thinking back a little and it struck me that the real issue was about the delivery platform as a whole, not a specific company.
    For instance the last dominant platform was the IBM mainframes of the 60’s and 70’s, culminating in the prosecution of IBM itself.
    MS has simply staked it’s claim to a similar dominance as IBM did, and is having much the same backlash effect.
    In much the same way we are, if the hype is to be believed, on the verge of a new platform of delivery. In this stage I expect another company will dominate, and suffer similar effects.
    IBM suffered and transformed itself. Time will tell if MS can do the same, although I see no reason why it will not.

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