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    Microsoft Edge – Enterprise Site List and IE Mode


    by gary147 ·


    Hi all,

    I’m a first-time poster to this forum but was hoping someone could advise. We’re having a bit of a problem since deploying Microsoft Edge and making it the default browser.

    Our frankly ancient Intranet and systems (such as Deltek for time sheets, ADP for HR/annual leave, etc) required us to use IE mode for certain elements of the Intranet.

    Because some systems work better in Edge mode, the Intranet page is loading in Edge. We have a system called Deltek which uses what I think is an ActiveX control (.application file extension) and this loads without prompt in IE. I have managed to get it to work on around half of the machines in the organisation absolutely fine by configuring the Deltek URL (http://visionsvr/deltek) to launch in IE mode.

    Every machine has the same policies, but on some machines, it just hangs on a blank new tab. The workaround has been to do the following:

    1. Start > Run > inetcpl.cpl
    2. In the Advanced tab, click the blue ‘settings’ hyperlink in the yellow banner.
    3. This fires up Internet Explorer (trying to fire up IE in any other way seems to redirect straight to Edge, even though I’ve not configured this in any policy).
    4. Visit our Intranet site ( and then click the link to Deltek. As if by magic, it then works as long as the iexplore.exe process remains running. If you log off/restart, you’re back to square one and need to run the workaround.

    I have checked and all of the user and computer policies relating to Edge are applied and are the same on all machines. I have verified that it’s the same Edge build and have even updated some machines to the latest build (which came out a few days after we first rolled out Edge), to no avail.

    Our XML sites list is published on the INTERNET – so there’s no doubt that people are able to access it. The problem seems to occur mainly on PCs which predate a recent laptop rollout, although there is no reason for this.

    Also tried:

    – Clearing IE cache
    – Clearing C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache
    – Complete reset of IE
    – Deleting %localappdata%\Apps\2.0 folder (this is where Deltek’s downloaded files reside).

    None of this seems to work! I’ve been tearing my hair out with this one. Does anyone have any ideas please?

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