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    Microsoft Encryption and Decryption


    by daphinas ·

    I have a problem with encrypted files which seemed to suddenly become inaccessible for the user who originally encrypted them. Unfortunately we have recreated the profile of the user since we thought the profile may have become corrupt. The encryption certificate of the original user profile is available, but we cannot find the instructions from Microsoft on how to re-import the profile and use it with the new profile to decrypt and therefore access all the user’s files.

    Both the domain and the local machine Administrator are also unable to decrypt the files, despite following the microsoft instructions to back up the files and folders, send them to the administrator and have the administrator restore to a different location and decrypt the files.

    What is interesting is that the folders are decrypted, but the files within are not, and trying to decrypt them individually does not work.

    What can we possibly do to restore the user’s ability to access these files?

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