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Microsoft Exchange

By cruzr ·
I am running Exchange 5.5 on a Windows NT server and would like to know if there is a way to scan mailboxes for certain types of attatchments.

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Microsoft Exchange

by brasslet In reply to Microsoft Exchange

Here's part of an article detailing how to use exmerge to do it.

This search locates messages containing a particular attachment. It also searches for messages based on the subject line and copies or remove messages that meets the search criteriainto a PST file. The search also records results in the log file, exmerge.log. To use EXMERGE for a

1. Run the EXMERGE program and click Next.

2. Select Two step merge and click Next.

3. Select Step 1 and click Next.

4. Type thename of the Exchange Server you wish to search in the Microsoft Server Name box and then click the Options button.

5. Select the Import Procedure tab. Select Copy data into target store if you only want to search for messages; select Archive datainto store if
you also want to remove messages from the information store. (Be very careful with the Archive data option. If you make a mistake in your
selection criteria, you may delete more than you intended.)

6. Specify your selection criteria in the Folders, Dates, and Message Details tabs. Using Folders, you can explicitly include or exclude the
folders you search. Dates can limit your search by specifying a date range. Message Details specifies messages by subject line and attachment name (note that this is an AND search, not an OR search). You can also specify whether the attachment name or subject string search should be
case-sensitive. Once you've chosen your selection criteria, click OK.

7. Select the mailboxes you wishto search in the next screen. When done with this selection, click Next.

8. Select the destination for the PST files in the final screen. Note the estimated space required for the PST files. Then, enter the desired destination, or keep the default, and click Next. EXMERGE starts copying messages that meet your criteria into PST files. Once this is complete, click the Finish button.

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