Microsoft exchange server 2003

By umar_q50 ·
hi this is my first post in techrepublic and i hope i find my solution here.
the problem is we set up a new 'vigor2800' router in our networkd internet is working fine but now we cant send and receive email from out side as we are using exchange server.
we can send and recive emails inside of our firm but we cant receive and send emails from outside.also we are on static ip address.plz help me.
and tell me in detail what is the problem and how to solve this proble.

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Some ideas...

by AruJammer In reply to Microsoft exchange server ...

-See if you have port 25 open in the firewall (if using SMTP).

-Look in you NAT configuration if they are setuped right.

-Check if you have Mail Relay rights from your ISP and that this is setup in your Exchange.

-Do some test with MS lookup.

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Microsoft exchange server 2003

by umar_q50 In reply to Some ideas...

brother could you plz plz tell me how to setup..plz reply me..

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First thing...

by AruJammer In reply to Microsoft exchange server ...

Google for MS lookup..and see if you can get any records of your site...try a test.

Next use telnet to check your mail server

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by umar_q50 In reply to First thing...

hi i try telnet and every thing is fine but still we cant reciving to set up smtp on the router or as i told you before we are on static ip address.
i dont know why its not working.

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by AruJammer In reply to TELNET

I'm not familiarized with this model of router,

Standard in routers there some option to open ports in firewall settings, go in your router firewall settings and open port 25 for all incoming traffic.

Check your NAT configuration, here's the logic;
You have to give access to all WAN traffic, with service SMTP (port 25),to you Exchange server ip-adres (same SMTP service on port 25).

Have you enter "Fully-qualified domain name" and "Smart Host" in Exchange?

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by umar_q50 In reply to Router

thx for replying
ok so brother when i open on my router page and go on firewall head under firewall head there are 7 options
1.general setup
2.filter setup blocking
4.p2p blocking
5.dos defense
6.url content filter
7.web content filter
these options are coming brother on which i need to set port 25.
but under Nat these options are coming
1.port redirection
2.dmz host ports.
could you tell me plz..

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My choices

by AruJammer In reply to firewall

For the firewall i'll try option 3 and for NAT option 1.

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