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    Microsoft Exchange vs Open-Source Alternatives


    by kenhkan ·

    Hi everyone, I am just wondering which one is more preferable among network administrators who manage their own email system. Previously, my company have outsourced email solution, which I dislike a lot. Setting aside the concern of budget since we’ve received a free copy of Exchange 2003 Standard from Microsoft for being a non-profit. Anyhow, in terms of reliability, usefulness, support, and speed, Exchange or other Opne-Source alternatives such as Zimbra will be more favorable? So I decide to turn to experienced adminsitrators. What do you think?

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      by alexis ·

      In reply to Microsoft Exchange vs Open-Source Alternatives

      You can try OpenXchange, there’s two versions : a free and a commercial one :

      you can keep the MS Outlook client or use others like mozilla or evolution.

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        by uofa ·

        In reply to OpenXchange

        You got an Enterprise product for free. Why wouldn’t you implement it? Unless you are a linux expert. Exchange 2003 is a very solid product. Functional and easy to setup and administer. Alot more exchange experts and help on the net i’m sure. Fire it up on a nice Dell entry level server and your set.

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          Exchange 2003 for free?

          by rchaudry ·

          In reply to Exchange

          I’m currently helping a non-profit organization (501C-3) myself and was wondering what’s available out there for free.

          Where would I go to apply for all this freeware?

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      Bynari Insight Server

      by jcp0112 ·

      In reply to Microsoft Exchange vs Open-Source Alternatives

      I’ve tried bynari insight server and it was very easy to install and manage. They support exchange alternative for outlook. Their site is

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      Microsoft Exchange vs Open -Source Alternative

      by clarence.mills ·

      In reply to Microsoft Exchange vs Open-Source Alternatives

      Exchange is used by a majority of business alike but the open source software has been gaining traction because of it’s usability, reliableness and speed. Google is now offering Google mail integration platform that includes everything that exchange has, mail client, calendaring, notification.

      Support has always been a problem but companies such as sourceforge are know offering support to companies looking to support open source applications.

      Zimbra has been bought by Yahoo recently which shows that open source software must be dong something right.

      It also helps that websites like are also spreading the word about alternative open source software that can replace commercial software. The following page describes some exchange alternatives

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      Stick With What you have

      by emmaylots ·

      In reply to Microsoft Exchange vs Open-Source Alternatives

      Since you have a free copy of exchange server, I would advise you to stick with it, for now. At least until you expand and you’ve used up the CALS. Open source Collaboration tools are great and very reliable, e.g. Zimbra. Once you wish to expand, you can easily migrate to other open source mail servers.

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