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By OCD5 ·
I am having problems accessing my works exchange server using IE (via OWA) and Microsoft Outlook (MO), over the internet. This error occurs on both my work computer (@ home) and my home computer. I can access my email through FireFox on both computers, but IE & MO just won't let me get past login dialog box (I get three tries and then "Access Denied").

I have searched the internet for a solution and haven't found one that worked. If anyone knows a solution please advise...I have had this issue for over three months, since work updated there exchange server. Everyone else has no problems and I can't get IT to help (I guess I am always at the bottom of the list).

Windows XP SP2
IE6 (work) IE7 (home) = can't login into OWA
FireFox = CAN login into OWA
MO = Can't login into exchange server over internet.
*Accessing exchange server outside network*

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Hows about...

by mellow52 In reply to Microsoft Exchange

If it is SBS go with Remote Web Workplace or else VPN but both will need help from IT to setup.

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Would suggestion explain...

by OCD5 In reply to Hows about...

Would your suggestion explain why...

I use to be able to access exchange server via IE/OWA & MO before the company updated exchange server (I am not sure what they did).

My roommate can access her works exchange server, but can't access mine on her computer.

I did get OWA to work about a month ago by doing a suggestion found online. It worked one week and then the next week when I turned on the computer it didn't. (Suggestion online: Delete cookies, delete files, clear history, clear SSL, clear Forms/passwords, add site to trusted sites & pop-up blocker).

MO did crash on me while the server was getting repaired. "Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Unable to open Outlook Window. The set of folders could not be open." I started a new profile, per an online suggestion.

All the other offsite users didn't have a problem, from what I understand.

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Got IT help...SOLVED

by OCD5 In reply to Microsoft Exchange

Finally got some IT help today...issue resolved.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) via Internet Explorer (IE) - For user name in login dialog box required more than just inputting user id or "default"/user id (where "default" was some path that automatically popped up. User name required "special path"/user id, IT had to advise what "special path" was. FireFox doesn't require this "special path".

Microsoft Office (MO) - Have to do "special path"/user id and had to fix Proxy Authentication Settings from NTLM Authentication to Basic Authentication under Connection (tab)-Exchange in profile setup.

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