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Microsoft Free Antivirus Code Named Morro

By CG IT ·
InformationWeek has an article on Microsoft's free antivirus program which will take the place of their OneCare pay antivirus. see this article;jsessionid=2N50OKSPSBWJOQSNDLPCKH0CJUNN2JVN

Some pudnits say it's about time. Others say that it won't provide the necessary protection that antivirus makes like Symantec, McAfee provide. I haven't seen statistics on how many computers are out there without antivirus protection, but I believe there's probably lot. Many of them not wanting to spend the $$ or that the antivirus program slows their computer down to much.

Anyone want to speculate what the fallout will be once Microsoft offers free antivirus as part of the Genuine Advantage program?

While I don't think that Symantec or McAfee will go out of business anytime soon, other companies might.

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I specualate that a couple of years time when there's

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Microsoft Free Antivirus ...

little opposition left the service will cost a lot per month to update.

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Think they will charge more for the O/S

by CG IT In reply to I specualate that a coupl ...

Add in the cost of the AV to the retail price, like they do for free software security updates. You buy retail or OEM, with the genuine advantage program, you get AV and all the updates free.

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OneCare never impressed me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Microsoft Free Antivirus ...

I found it to be a paltry attempt in the anti-virus concept.

Mind you, that's only MY opinion.

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I tried out OneCare

by CG IT In reply to OneCare never impressed m ...

it wasn't bad. Actually wasn't as intrusive or resource hog as Symantec of McAfee.

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So (have) I

by santeewelding In reply to I tried out OneCare

They are fond of reminding me that my real-dollar subscription runs out in September.

If sooner, they have not been so fond of reminding me of any rebate.

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The thing that didn't impress me was

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to OneCare never impressed m ...

paying MS extra to keep viruses off my machine.

Sort of like paying a lock maker for a security guard because you can open it with a toy plastic key that....

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