Microsoft headache.

By gir_mongoosedog ·
Right now I'm operating under Linux, which I'm fine with... but I have a massive Microsoft headache I was hoping for some help with. I've got that ever so pesky problem where automatic updates are hogging all of my processor power, and it makes doing anything like watching cold molasses drip from a spoon. I really wanted to just turn the automatic updates off, but I can't. I go to the screen where it says you can turn them off, but every option is greyed out and I cannot select any of them. I have to be able to get updates because I'm on a school server, otherwise I'd just toss the whole thing. I've searched for someone else having this problem, but near as I can tell, I'm the first person on the planet not able to disable automatic updates. Any thoughts?

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It's almost certainly greyed out

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Microsoft headache.

because there is a policy that says your user isn't allowed to mess with it.

You'll have to talk to whoever administers the school network

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automatic updates are hogging all of my processor power

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Microsoft headache.
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by gir_mongoosedog In reply to automatic updates are hog ...

Thank you,
I just happened to stop by our IT department just before I got on here and they told me that our Cisco Clean Access Agent disables being able to adjust those settings. I'm hoping I can turn it off then turn cisco back on and it'll still be off.

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