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By Cornishman ·
Help needed guys! A customer has had his PC stolen. As he is strapped for cash I have put together a machine from spare parts for him but he needs an OS. He still has his XP Pro CD but the serial key is still stuck on the side of his PC - now residing in some thieving a******'s living room. My question is: do you think Microsoft would be able/willing to help? And of so, can anyone suggest any telephone numbers to try? Thanks guys.

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by ctrservices In reply to Microsoft help

Call 1-800-MICROSOFT , tell them the problem, and they can transfer you to someone who hopefully will help (it might cost something but not the full price). This will probably work only if the original CD has an ID number on it.

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by Cornishman In reply to

Thanks for the advice guys. To be honest, Microsoft were not very helpful on this and were trying to pass me from pillar to post. My customer was unwilling to pursue the matter himself and as I wasn't being paid for my time, he had to bite the bullet and purchase a new copy. Hey - I don't feel guilty...I have already given him a freebie !! Thanks again guys.

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by jasonn In reply to Microsoft help

i think if u called them ude probably get im sorry but you will have to repurchase a license key. maybe not full price but thats what id think

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Microsoft help

Well I can't speak for the US but in AU if there is a Police Report filed about the stolen hardware MS allows their products to be installed on another similar spec computer to replace the stolen one and provide new product keys but not a COA.

While I've never had to directly deal with something like this I've been told at numerous MS Partner meetings that all you as a Tech need do is ring MS with the Number of the Police Report and once they have satisfied themselves that the hardware was actually stolen they will issue a new product key. Of course this only applies to Windows and if you have the original install CD's it doesn't hurt one little bit.

From what I've been told MS should e-mail you a replacement product key in about 10 working days but make sure that you have the install CD/s with you when you ring as they may want the numbers off the inner ring of the CD so that they can provide the correct product key. Of course this only applies to genuine MS product and not to a recovery CD from Dell, HP or any of the other makers.


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by Cornishman In reply to Microsoft help

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