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Microsoft HyperV VM question regarding mac id's

By swilgero ·

I'm new here, hope I am posting responsibly with my questions.

We have been having problems where one of the software packages installed on various VM's with various Windows Server OS releases / DBMS combinations. The software package is licensed based on various criteria, one of which being the Mac ID. For some reason these licenses seem to be getting corrupted and failing. I believe it has something to do with the way HyperV pools Mac ID's (assuming they are pooled due to their being a 'Static Mac ID' setting in the properties page under network adapter for each VM. In our earlier version of Microsoft Virtual Server, I don't remember such an option, so our migrated virtualized machines were all defaulted to having this option 'unchecked' (not static). Before I change the setting on all of our machines, I'd like to know if anyone has had a similar experience, and/or can give some understanding of what this feature really means in the whole scheme of things. Any thoughts, suggestions or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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