Microsoft & Intel?

By GuyMK ·
What value does Microsoft and Intel together offer to my company?

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What is your company? {NT}

by .Martin. In reply to Microsoft & Intel?
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RE: Microsoft & Intel?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Microsoft & Intel?

By themselves absolutely nothing.

But if you want to use any form of computers they may or may not be a suitable provider of product.


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they could be useful by themselves

by .Martin. In reply to RE: [i]Microsoft & Intel?

if you had stock of either said company...

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to they could be useful by t ...

But that by itself wouldn't be of any help to the Company that the OP is asking about here. Just the owner of the company.


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by Grylee In reply to Microsoft & Intel?

I am guessing you are talking about servers since you are coming from the company angle?

I found this article today you might find interesting...

A video was recently put up on YouTube as well regarding Microsoft Server

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Sorry Double Post

by Grylee In reply to Servers?

Also just found this info in a search at Microsoft, was pretty easy to find...

Scalable Performance

Extend the business by achieving the level of performance and scalability your organization needs at a dramatically lower cost

Optimize core business processes vital to your organization through better performance of mission-critical applications

Extend business-critical systems and information to help your people identify opportunities and conduct more thorough analyses

Empower your organization with scalability to extend your mission-critical applications with confidence to handle new markets, mergers, or acquisitions

Advanced Reliability
Ensure uncompromising reliability for your critical applications that keep you in business, while driving unprecedented value from your infrastructure investments

Leverage the technology, service, and support advantages enabled by the tightest integration of hardware and software
Provide a solid foundation for running mission-critical applications with confidence

Drive unprecedented value from your IT infrastructure

Business Agility

Drive innovation and increase flexibility to meet evolving demands of the business
Accelerate the delivery of new business solutions

More effectively meet the changing demands of your business by taking advantage of greater choice and flexibility
Gain competitive advantage through new business intelligence functionality

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