microsoft intellimouse cordless optical gone crazy

By bsas2 ·
Hi All,
My mouse has gone mad. To fill you in; clicking next on internet explorer goes to next page, & opens another identical page as well; left clicking in the address bar brings up a 4 way arrows with a dot in the middle. The same applies in outlook. In my Sign making software a left click now brings up a large open hand which jumps to different parts of the screen when you click. This is driving me crazy. have scanned with several antivirus programs, error expert, hijack this, etc., & nothing shows up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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re: mouse gone mad

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to microsoft intellimouse co ...

You didn't say what operating system you're running. If you've got Vista, you'll need the latest version of Intellipoint installed. Even if you have XP, it's not a bad idea to install the latest. I think it's up to version 6 now.

If you've already got that installed, uninstall then download a fresh copy and reinstall. DON'T use the floppy/CD that came with the mouse.

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What OS and how did you scan this system?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to microsoft intellimouse co ...

Also have you scanned for Spyware Mal Ware as well as Viri?

Sounds very much like some form of infection or Software clash that is occurring here.

If you are using XP Scan in Safe Mode and also scan with Adaware and SpyBot S & D

And see if you have any infections that you can remove.


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Have you checked the batteries...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to microsoft intellimouse co ...

in the mouse? When my batteries need changing my mouse does very strange things before it dies completely...

edit typo

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Do you share computer space with a CAT ? . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to microsoft intellimouse co ...

Because it's not unheard of for a cat-hair to get into a mouse (the computer-type!).

I've once had a cat-hair cause all manner of problems lodged in the underside cavity of the optical lens.

I've also once found a rather long cat hair quite happily drifting around inside the main body of an optical mouse, causing intermittent electrical shorts producing all manner of odd on-screen behaviour. =^.^=

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by wesley.chin In reply to microsoft intellimouse co ...

Check the settings for the mouse in the MS program.

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Time to clean it

by IC-IT In reply to microsoft intellimouse co ...

Carefully clean all around (and inside) the cracks around the click pads and by the thumb wheel. Sounds like it is sticking just enough to cause dbl-clicks.

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