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Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (SP1) on Microsoft Windows XP

By sharris2 ·
When I open up IE with Yahoo as the home page I get a cannot display page. I have to close and reopen IE three to four time before Yahoo comes up. Any suggestions?


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have you tried

by Chris.. In reply to Microsoft Internet Explor ...

Using a different start page? Just curious if this is a Yahoo thing specifically or if your browser is just dorked.

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by sharris2 In reply to have you tried

I found the problem to be Kazza

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It's Not Yahoo...

by soapymac In reply to Microsoft Internet Explor ...

I get the same thing with a blank screen. I've narrowed it least in my particular four things: another Microsoft program; a rogue program in my startup routine; a confused registry; and lastly, my ISP.

Whenever I have MSN Messenger active, there are times when I can't get through to my ISP's email service. It's not consistent, though when it happens and I shut down MSN Messenger, that seems to solve it.

I added a screen print program to my startup routine. Putting it there, and it hogs EVERYTHING. Taking the program out of Startup and then starting it just before any program where I want to use it seems to take care of that, too.

When neither of these conditions exist, using Registry First Aid to clean up the registry works. What I cannot answer is why the registry gets confused about once a week!

Then there's my ISP. Seems like I pay for 24/7/365 through their cable system, and if I'm fortunate, I get 21/5/360. And they want to buy Disney???

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