Microsoft Internet Explorer error message

By bjsloan ·
We have Windows XP Home Edition, with SP 2. We're using IE 6, sp2. On some websites we visit we get the message that "Internet Explorer has encountered an error and must close."

You cannot recover from this.
Can anyone help me with this?

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Here are some steps...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Microsoft Internet Explor ...

Since re-installing IE6 involves a XP repair install, which can be a hassle, try this first:
With Internet Explorer open, click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options. There, click on the Advanced tab and then the Restore Defaults button. Lastly, click Apply and OK. Close & Reopen IE and test.

If the issue continues, download and install the latest version of Sun Java Runtime:

Another possibility is there may be an add-on that is causing problems. In IE, go to Tools and select Manage Add-Ons. Here you can disable questionable Add-Ons and/or update their ActiveX components.

If the issue still continues, your situation may be due to Spyware, Adware or Malware.
Start by emptying your Internet Cache*.
Next, here are excellent tools for removing spyware, malware and adware:


Spybot Search & Destroy:


X-Cleaner Micro:

When you finally get everything cleaned up and running smooth, here are great tools to help you avoid getting that garbage again:



and to quickly clean out the places where their installers usually hide before you shut down or reboot - ATF-Cleaner:

Good Luck

* To empty the Internet Cache - click on Tools, select Internet Options and then under Temporary Internet Files click on the Delete Files button.

If you're nervous about removing things found by spyware scanners, you can always create a System Restore Point as a safety net.

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Just Checking...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Microsoft Internet Explor ...

Were you able to resolve your issue?
If So, what was the fix?

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Corrupt Registry Settings of some sort

by andy sacks In reply to Microsoft Internet Explor ...

It is very likely that the cause of the error with the internet explorer (that is just another application like many in windows) error is a faulty registry setting. I would consider using a <a href="">RegistryCleaner</a> to attempt to fix the error....

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