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Microsoft is running scared

By Aaron Mason ·
Let's be frank here. Until Linux started to show its colours on the desktop, Windows has had very little competition, and when something did come along, it wasn't anything Microsoft couldn't handle with a little FUD.

Now that Linux has emerged as a credible Windows replacement, Microsoft has had to pick up its game. For the first time in 20 years, Microsoft has a worthy competitor: the open source community.

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Actually, MS has been running scared and stealing from

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Microsoft is running scar ...

Linux and Open Source for the last decade or more. The only difference in the last few years is that some people have started to spend money marketing Linux - something not previously done. But it will take time to get through the multi-million dollar MS campaigns.

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by jck In reply to Actually, MS has been run ...

Just look at the first screen shots TR had of Vista.

Can anyone say...KDE look-alike?

I noticed too that MS modified their "X" button to look different. Wonder why?

Gotta love intellectual theft.

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They've been stealing from Novell too

by Oz_Media In reply to Actually, MS has been run ...

They stole Novell's network directory and management system too, well they tried to come close anyway.

This isn't running scared though, if someone has something that gains market share and then you have it too, that's not running scared that's outdoing your competition, now teh competition has ot come up with somethign better again, which MS will again take.

The whole basis of Windows from day one was to steak good code and brand it as your own.

However they have succeeded very well at doing so. With the hysteria and excitement over Win7, I think it will be back to the drawing board for potential competitors.

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MS is running scared....hmmmmm

by william.bondy In reply to Actually, MS has been run ...

Until I see a copy of Linux any version sitting on the shelves at Best Buy, I won't be worrying much. Linux is great but as soon as you attach a price tag to it and offer 24/7 support the community bashes it. And what would that price be???

I?m a guy who spends tons of time trying to save money for companies and I would never recommend a Linux box even know it can be Free. The software is free but the time spend on it over the years cost far too much money than a HQL MS server or PC.

I think Linux people put themselves in a position of power because there the only one who understands what they have built even another Linux guys would take a long time trying to figure out what the **** that last guy did. Why a company/Business would put themselves in that position is beyond me everyone is expendable. Everyone will quit sooner than later and at the point if you don?t have good Documents your business is at jeopardy. Everyone laughs at MS because it?s all the same and any old IT guy could work on it. I love that fact that there is a website called and Event codes that are very easy to look up. I have always said between TechRepublic and TechNet are all any MS IT guys ever need to solve any MS problems.

I have base my entire career on MS I will never say they are perfect by any means and they have pissed me off with Licensing fees over the years but they have a good standard that meets everyone needs today, and as Linux grows MS grows twice as much.

I would never say I wish Linux would just disappear, I believe that fact that MS has progressed is because of Linux and other competition. Competition is healthy but I really don?t believe Linux will be Mainstream any time soon. And if they become mainstream server and Desktops it would be a sell out because I guarantee you there will large fees just for the support alone! I base most of my decisions on Support, if a problem rises I don?t want to re-invite the solution, it should already be on TECHNET.

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Linux does NOT need a lot more maintenance than Windows

by Deadly Ernest In reply to MS is running scared....h ...

several years ago I worked in a secure gateway where we had several Linux boxes and a few Windows boxes. It took six times as long to build and harden a Windows box as it did a Linux box and we spent four times more work on maintenance of the Windows boxes than we did the Linux boxes.

There are already organisations that provide support contracts for Linux - like red Hat etc. But the damn things just work so well they don't get much from them. They spend more time in customising software for people.

The only reason a Linux guy can get power in an IT area is because none of the other people will be bothered to take the time to learn how simple most Linux systems are, they'd rather stick with their Windows boxes and ignore the rest.

There are more Linux boxes providing Internet services than Windows boxes, Linux is in so many embedded systems that it's not funny - and the reason for that is the stability of the system.

The only thing Windows does better than Linux is predatory marketing.

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How can windows even possible have more Maintenance than linux hehe

by william.bondy In reply to Linux does NOT need a lot ...

I am guessing in serveral years that would be windows NT 3.1. Please post some Facts that Linux has more Boxes prividing Internet services than windows?

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you can easily do a google yourself, but here's a couple of

by Deadly Ernest In reply to How can windows even poss ...

links that come up quick. Every survey of web servers has Apache well ahead of Windows - what does change is the levels, depending on who does the surveys.

The only reason anyone uses Windows for a web server is because Windows is ALL they know or they have no techs and just buy a system preloaded with Windows from a vendor.

edit - maintenance -

Much less patching required on a Linux system than a Windows system. Also a hardened Linux system can be patched live without a total reboot, when was the last time you did that with a Windows system. And Yes it we had NT4 and Windows 2000 Advanced Server systems in the mix. Patches to the Windows systems required an almost rebuild to re-harden them as the patches killed the secured settings by returning most stuff to default.

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Dude, Technet is dying

by jmgarvin In reply to MS is running scared....h ...

It's not as well maintained as it used to be, the articles are crap, and it's just not keeping up to date with articles.

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Was TechNet ever well maintained?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Dude, Technet is dying

Well, maybe it was maintained but it's always been cumbersome to use. I've always found it easier to Google a problem and let that find the appropriate TechNet page than to try to use any of Microsoft's tools for searching TechNet. Just me, I guess.

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Point taken

by jmgarvin In reply to Was TechNet ever well mai ...

Ya, it's easier to google foo, it seems like for at least the past couple years nothing is being updated and it's just not maintained....

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