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MicroSoft is taking responsibility

By goluskab ·
I always thought when I clicked 'I agree'
that MS was free when my software was
hacked or compromised by a virus.

But now, MS says it's up to them.

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Dear Mr McGrath

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to MicroSoft is taking respo ...

Thank you for a most informative article. Thank you for not overloading me with the evidence that you used to come to these conclusions. I probably wouldn't have understood anyway being a badgeless geek with little or no business understanding. Also not being academically qualified, I may have misinterpreted the big words anyway.
You can rest assured that this article has solidified my thinking, so I can make a long term intelligent decision on my choice of operating system.

Now don't cry, treat someone like a complete idiot for long enough and you get one !

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I agree completly with that comment

by philospher In reply to MicroSoft is taking respo ...

For all of you Linnux or linux. The only thing us mainstream user both Os's are talking cooperation and interoperabilty. Tone the volume down. The louder you sound off, the less intelligent you sound. Yes liniux is a competing product alternative to the various versions of windows. My concern as a professional is that microsoft is taking responsibilty. The only thing I keed hearing form the linnux users in this forum is the low-brow below the belt attacks common of people with a weak point of view. Because of the large install the base it's going to the main point of attack. But don't believe for one second if linux had the sme install base "it" would be suffering the same attacks. Hackers go for the biggest target. The products are going to get hit first. The biggest threat that will conatin the malware community is the microsoft people and the linnux users working together. How about it. Are you professioanl enough to put aside the "My OS can whip your OS" arguement. I wonder.

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My comment was on the article

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I agree completly with th ...

in the link, which was class one piece of marketing BS. Taking responsibility does constitute some progress, about time is the first comment that springs to mind. I'm using a windows pc now, I'm going to have to have one of each because linux will not do everything that I want or need to do from a commercial point of view. But I don't see why I have to be tolerant of the condescending garbage in Mr McGrath's statement.
It was an insult to my intelligence and the experience I've gained using, administering and developing windows systems since Windows 3.1.
If he's going to treat me like an idiot, I'm going to do my best to see he doesn't benefit from it.

Linux Security is a Myth !
What's the corrolary to that, so it doesn't matter if windows is insecure ?

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