Microsoft JET error '80040e09'

By BaTz281 ·
I recently started working as a technician in a library computer lab. A previous tech configured an Access database for staff to submit computer issues via a Web form.

About a week ago, the Web form stopped working. When I walked through the process of submitting a problem, I encountered the 80040e09 error after pressing the "Submit Problem" button, which leads to a file named "AddIssue.asp". The error occurs in Line 14 of this file, which is "rsAddTicket.AddNew".

Minus the hour or so I've spent on this problem so far, I have zero experience configuring/troubleshooting Access databases and corresponding Web forms. Brief research has pointed to a permissions issue, but I get the error even when running the form from a local Administrator account (which has full control over the database directory).

Might anyone suggest the next logical troubleshooting step(s)? I feel like this is a simple issue, I just don't have the simple answer :-D

Many thanks,

Ron M.

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Hate to mention this but.....

by robo_dev In reply to Microsoft JET error '8004 ...

Access DBs get corrupted if you look at them wrong.

Make a backup copy of the DB, compact it, and see if that helps. I would figure out what table the addissue code is touching. If you open the DB in access, and it is corrupt, you won't be able to add data to that table, and Access may even crash when you go to view that table.

How big is the database? They get cranky and stop working if they get over a gig or so.

Hopefully you have a backup of the DB, but there are utilities to fix Access Databases.

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Might Start Fresh

by BaTz281 In reply to Hate to mention this but. ...

Hey Robo_Dev,

Thanks for the reply. How exactly does one look at an Access DB wrong?

I tried the steps you mentioned (made a backup copy, did a compact & repair) but to no avail. The database is only 1.4MB haha, not very large at all.

I think I may try implementing a new trouble ticket system since it's not a critical system and I have no means of contacting the person that created it. At least this way I can document the process for my successor, plus I'll know what's going on :-D

Any recommendations for a trouble ticket system that plays nice with Windows Server 2000?

Thanks again,


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Well, if money is no object

by robo_dev In reply to Might Start Fresh

Symantec Altiris Help Desk

I'm sure there are some open source solutions, though I never looked for one.

a google search for Access Database corrupt yields 430K hits.....

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Open Source May Be The Way

by BaTz281 In reply to Well, if money is no obje ...

I researched a few open-source solutions, and will probably test a few out next week. I also don't have much experience with IIS and have heard that PHP doesn't always play nice with Server2000 (and many open-source solutions I saw run on PHP).

Regardless, thanks for your assistance, and I'll see how things go :-)


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