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    microsoft LDAP connection


    by katz45 ·

    I have recently purchased a trend micro enforcer appliance. I am trying to get it to connect to the LDAP on my server 2000 DC. I cannot get it to connect for the life of me. I have used the ldp.exe program to ge the correct string and i have also tried the adsi.

    the weird thing is that i can even type the full ldap address that it gaves me, which is LDAP://AD.jhc.test/DC=jhc,DC=test into a web browser address field it gives me an error sayng that ist can’t connect

    but when I use ldp.exe or adsi I can browse ldap just fine.

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      by katz45 ·

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      Similar problem here

      by psandhu ·

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      I am facing similar problem. I am trying to connect two new machines which need AD enquiry for email addresses and so. By using LDP.exe, I cannot bind. I get error 49, which is credential fails. I have set up new user in the AD and ensured that it has read permissions etc. After one week on this (on and off) I have not been able to get this going.

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