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    Microsoft lies about xbox live security breach


    by jdurban9 ·

    Not that it comes as any great surprise that Microsoft has yet again covered up a security flaw in one of their products but this one is personal. Microsoft denies that xbox live has been compromised yet their own tech support admits that they are seeing a marked increase in complaints regarding hijacked gamer tags, accounts, and credit cards on file. The perpetrators use Zone alarm and tunneling software to read, log, and tunnel player’s I.P. addresses during ranked or “match making” Halo 2 games. The better hackers are able to breachMicrosoft security even during private chat sessions.

    Once the hacker gets into your account they can use credit cards on file to make purchases on Xbox 360 marketplace. To prevent the legitimate account holder from making any changes on their paid account the hacker changes the Microsoft Passport email account password.

    This locks out the real account holder while the account hijacker freely goes about using the xbox live account until the original owner notifys xbox support which is a real experience in itself.

    If you thought you have experienced the worst in off-shore customer support you haven’t called the primates at Microsoft India, Philippines, and the other third world support centers assigned to the Xbox product line.

    After a month and a half of getting to know many techs representing the U.N. of Microsoft’s low budget tech “support” and after being lied to about fixing our situation Microsoft told me that I violated the terms of their use agreement by releasing private data. In other words rather than admitting fault they simply canceled our account stealing hard earned money from us. No offer of another account, nothing. This is flat out theft.

    I am launching a class action against this horrible company and hope to locates the hundreds likely thousands of Microsoft victims out there. I will be putting up a new site called next week to allow others to share their experiences.

    I am seeking legal council to help in this endeavor and I may be reached at

    Microsoft has to be one of the sleaziest firms in the world constantly using consumers as beta testers on prematurely released software and hardware. I may have been ripped off a dozen times on cheesy Microsoft programs in the past but when they steal from my son cash and deny him an account that had hundreds of hours invested I have to take action.

    Theft is theft. Microsoft is an irresponsible, lying, corporate monster that would rather cover up a security breach than simply reimburse consumer losses.

    Just as a side note we actually had to replace six bad Xbox 360’s in less than a year! To add insult to injury we bought the Elite version at a premium price tag only to get a bad hard drive right out of the box!

    If you purchase one of these piles of junk pay for the extended warranty as it will pay huge dividends.

    And for God’s sake try to keep your sanity when, not if, you have to call tech support. This will be a lesson in patience unlike any other. There is no known unit of measure to quantify the I.Q. of Microsoft’s idea of support techs. You will likely be faced with Darwinian images of tree mounted phones and vine tethered partially evolved bipeds as you try to visualize the “person” on the other end of the phone when they ask you the same questions over and over again.

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