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Microsoft Messenger 6

By bladeofeternity ·
Im using Microsoft Messenger version 6. Whenever i try to send a file or use the launch pad abilities with a friend her internet disconnects. We are both on broadband and i can connect to everyone else. Im trying to solve this problem fast does anyone hav any solutions

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by Michael34 In reply to Microsoft Messenger 6

Hmm. If your both on Broadband (not dsl) then your internet should not disconnect. If it does, you need to report the problem to them, as I use Cable Internet Serice and I never had it disconnect on me before, however the one thing you may want to make sure is that she is not using any personal firewall software, as that can block the connection and occasionally cause her to get knocked off the messenger service.

If you can send them to others, then its not on your side but her's. She needs to make sure any firewall software is disabled when you go to share files, also if she is behind a router she needs to configure port forwarding, so that when your PC attempts to connect it will be able to connect directly to her's.

In any event, I don't like MSN 6, its very bad. I use MSN 4.7 and I never have had a problem. If she does not have a firewall and neither do you, you may want to email MSN about the problem, but if your friends Internet keeps disconnecting (not the messenger, the entire Internet service) then she needs to contact them, because there is a big problem somewhere along the line.

Hope it helps. If you can provide any additional information I may be able to help.

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by bladeofeternity In reply to Microsoft Messenger 6

We are both on cable, she can also connect to everyone else its just between the two of us. She isnt very computer literate and im not sure if shes got a firewall but i know she can connect to other ppl who have cable and are on the same ISP as me

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by bladeofeternity In reply to Microsoft Messenger 6

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Microsoft Messenger 6

If you can chat but the problem only appears only when you try to sent a file means that there is a firewall somewhere (or both sides).
make sure that she can send files to everyone else and you to. connecting doesn't mean that that she can receive and send files , let her test both.
drop me an email of the problem persists.


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by bladeofeternity In reply to Microsoft Messenger 6

ok ive got more info. Shes on Ozemail internet and she has DSL im on Cable

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by Flux78 In reply to Microsoft Messenger 6

I have a friend with the same prob. We can do everything else but send files. The way we remedied this problem was for him to use the old messenger 4.1....i forgot the rest. After doing that we are able to transfer files back and forth. Although you won't be able to use all of the things that come with msn messenger 6, you should be albe to transfer with the old version.

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