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microsoft new os

By deeprkash ·
after every 6 month microsoft comes with
new os. should we every time upgrade every time?

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Not exactly...

by Nichomach In reply to microsoft new os

You should be considering what stream your current OS occupies. For instance, were you a business customer using NT4 Workstation, you would probably not "upgrade" to 98 or ME, because the OS has significantly less functionality and stability in a business environment, so it's not an upgrade at all. You might consider Windows 2000 Professional, since that enhances the same functionality and adds more. Up until now, MS has always maintained a "corporate" OS stream (NT3.51, NT4, W2K Pro, XP Proand so on)and a consumer stream (Win95, 98, ME). You have to decide what sector you're in, whether you want the functionality, and whether your applications will be more suited to the new environment. All our new desktop PCs are Windows 2000 Pro, but I have not migrated our servers yet, since I have no reason to do so. We don't really need Active Directory, we're fine with Exchange 5.5, frankly I'd need a GOOD reason to do so.
If you're using 98/ME in a home environment, then XP MAY be worthwhile, since it enables you to ditch FAT and FAT32 partitions and move to NTFS - more stable, less likely to result in data loss, and also it's based on the NT codebase - more stability is likely. I'm unlikely to "upgrade" our Windows 2000 stationsto XP Pro, however, since 2000 is a VERY adequate OS. It's your choice.

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Yes. No matter what.

by admin In reply to microsoft new os

Because if you don't do it by Oct. 1st it will cost you ridiculously huge amounts of money and upset everyone in your organization.

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I upgraded for free

by marshallkeithusa In reply to Yes. No matter what.

I upgraded to Redhat Linux 7.1 boy is it sweet

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PLAN on upgrading continuously

by eBob In reply to microsoft new os

I am constantly amazed at I.T. types, especially managers, that do not seem to understand that they NEED TO PLAN to be upgrading their technologies, constantly.

O/S's as an example need to be patched every couple of months, and replaced every year or two. As mentioned in another post, don't confuse the various threads of O/S, especially from MS.

OK, on one hand I seem to say "yes, upgrade!" Well, on the other hand, I am going to say "but don't be in too much of a rush!" Never install v1.0of anything (from any vendor). Wait until at least one service pack, and wait until it has been out for at least a month.

Also, keep an eye out on your vendor(s). For example, XP is not a surprise. OK, the release date has only recently been madepublic, and even with that, they might be off a bit. But let's say you have a reasonably happy WinNT environment. Do you spend the next year putting in ADS and Win2K? Maybe not. Yes, you put in W2K workstations, and maybe W2K servers, as members in your NT domain. But maybe you read up on XP and see what the plans (as known so far) are for Directory Services in XP.

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