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Microsoft not Intuitive (Imagine that)

By sostermann ·
I passed the first exam towards my MCSE about 8 weeks ago. I have been eagerly waiting for the welcome kit and MCP certificate to arrive in the mail everyday. I still hasn't arrived.

During the last two weeks I have called the testing center a couple of times asking why it's taking so long. They always stated that it just takes a while. Okay.

Yesterday, while browsing through some MS webpages on MCP FAQ I noticed a question burried at leastr half-way down the page.


Q:"Why haven't I recieved my welcome kit yet?"
A:"You have to log on to your MS account and ask for us to send it to you".

Wow! This was so hard to find (I could even find it just now to quote it) and nobody ever told me this in all of my inqueries.

So I try to log into MS to request the kit but I need an MCP # and passcode. Only I never recieved an MCP #. So I call MS and finally get someone to give me my MCP # but he can't give me the passcode because they haven't recived my transcript!

Now I have to call my testing center, who refers me to the main headquarters so I can request that they resend the transcript.

After explaining the situation they said that within a week the will send the transcript which will be proccessed by MS within a week (2 more weeks now), then I can call MS back to recieve my access code to login to their site to request the kit which will take 6-8 weeks to send out (they told me it comes from overseas ?!?)

Is it just me or this whole thing crazy? I've never had any problems or delays with ANY of my other certs. You think MS would make obtaining your cert easy and intuitive after passing their exam(s) -- not act like it's top secret information on what you need to do to get them to send it to you.


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did you

by rob mekel In reply to Microsoft not Intuitive ( ...

see the new beta release on hotmail?

It actually has drag and drop features. lol


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did you see Yahoo's Beta

by Narg In reply to did you

Yahoo's beta, out for months now, has had drag and drop too.

So what?

Both, yes I've seen both, are still slow and cumbersome.

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did you see Apple

by rob mekel In reply to did you see Yahoo's Beta

20 years ago. Tell me, wasn't that already drag and drop.

My, did you, was meant sarcastic. (Think I have to put that out some more :))

And right you are, both still stink.


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yes, me too

by sneha.sanghavi In reply to Microsoft not Intuitive ( ...

I had given my exam on 6th of sep 2007, stiil i hev,nt received the results. My company is pushing me to get the certificate. Is Microsft turning a blind eye to this or it doesnot care at all?

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