Microsoft office 2007 Student Edition

By atkinschilds ·

I mistakenly, well ok I stupidly threw the box away that had the product key on it. And when I took my laptop in the get fixed they replaced the hard drive without backing it up. Anyone able to help me figure out what if anything I can do to get a product key? The other thing I didn't do is register it, so there goes that route.
Thanks much,
Blonde (this probably had something to do with it :) in Calif-

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If you have the record...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Microsoft office 2007 Stu ...

of your purchase, you may be able to get help from Microsoft. But you will probably have to prove you bought it with the receipt.

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Grab your Install Disc/s and ring M$

by OH Smeg In reply to Microsoft office 2007 Stu ...

Ask for a replacement Product key and they will ask you to read the Code off the Inner Ring of the Install Disc/s and they will provide you with a Product Code that will work with this version of Office.


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Man, I gotta write that down...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Grab your Install Disc/s ...

so that I remember it! Thanks Col.

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Haven't you ever had to do this Boxy?

by OH Smeg In reply to Man, I gotta write that d ...

Perhaps it's all the Volume License stuff that I work with but it's been a constant need to contact M$ for replacement Product Keys for XP and Office over the years.

Seems that with every new Service Pack except SP3 for XP it's broken the Volume License Product Keys and makes them Unusable. Could it be that with XP so close to the end of Life that they didn't bother this time. Sure saves me needing to reset 2,500 Computers at one Government Department at least.


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Nope. Have yet to lose a product key.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Haven't you ever had to d ...

I keep several CD wallets, one for each machine, and one for various utilities. I write the product key on neon note cards and put it in the sleeve of the wallet. I have a hard copy folder with the original product keys. CYA, learned that the hard way.

Oh, I keep a wallet of backups (data), too.

Don't lose passwords either. Keep em in the folder with the original product keys.


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I love the users who don't want to tell me their Passwords

by OH Smeg In reply to Nope. Have yet to lose a ...

And then have then on a sticky note under their keyboards.

I've never actually lost a Product Key either but I have had a lot of Replacement ones as M$ insist that they ones for the Volume License Product are invalid quite often.

What I love when someone at M$ says it's only a 5 minute job to change which it is on 1 computer totally fail to understand just how long this can take on a Volume License Product with quite a lot of Computers involved and all off them are showing a Pirate Software screen and preventing those computers being used. Not sure who is selling or giving away the Keys but someone wants a long paid holiday. :^0


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I couldn't deal with it in on a large scale...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I love the users who don' ...

My own, and a very few clients. And I force the clients to learn their sh*t, or eventually they have to pay somebody else the big bucks. I don't have the patience to mess with idiot users who won't follow directions, google their issues, explore their software. Now and then, I would like to kick my own machine/s across the room.

This particular lack of patience doesn't carry over into my teaching, except on rare occasion. Go figure.

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I haven't had the need to replace keys either....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Haven't you ever had to d ...

We buy Volume Licenses for a Government installation too, and we've brought all the software installations up through all of the patches, both Windows and Office, and install the software on our replacement PCs as well. But, we've never had a product key go to "pirated" on us after it's been authenticated.

Perhaps it's where you're buying your Volume Licenses through that's getting you? Have you looked into that?

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Yep you could be right there

by OH Smeg In reply to I haven't had the need to ...

Microsoft AU is not a trustworthy organization at all. The last Action Pack that I bought from them also was supposedly Pirate so you could have something there. M$ is supplying both sides of the market the Legit and the Criminal Side and they sometimes get mixed up and send the Pirate Product to the Legit Customer.

But I've seen WGA do exactly the same thing on a small Business computer after the guy died and the wife tried looking up something several months after the death for the Tax Man. It locked before the Log ON Screen insisting that there was Pirate Software installed on this system but when it had a Repair Install done it worked quite happily with the supposedly Pirate Key. I've also had a M$ Error message tell me that there was no CPU Fitted but I didn't quite believe that one either. As I didn't think that the Monitor could show anything without a CPU. :^0

I only have this issue with one Government Department here and they drive me crazy. I particularly liked them reporting me to M$ for selling them Pirate Software as M$ got all hot and Sweaty over a 2,500 Site License being Pirated or some Volume License being used on a 2,500 install base in a Government Department. The funny thing here is that M$ deal direct with the State Government and sell them all of their software. I just got lucky with this one as it was too big for their IT Staff to deal with or maybe they simply refused to deal with them after they implemented XP when it first came out. Apparently some Idiot at M$ insisted that with the New XP you didn't need Servers so that is how this was originally setup. Then when the Government IT department refused to fix the mess that I latter learned they had tried to prevent happening and where overruled by the person in charge of this office. I got called in to have a look see and find a solution. Been a Nightmare ever since and no matter what I have tried I can't loose this one problem customer who don't pay bills in under 12 months drive me and my staff crazy with insane requests and so on.

Well at least they where talking about moving to Vista the last time I was there so maybe they have and I have finally lost them completely I can Hope can't I?

But I just loved dealing with M$ the time before last when I had to speak to someone from their Legal Department because I had supposedly sold them Pirate Software and then I was transfered to another person to get a new Product Key on the surface sounds reasonable but I was transfered to the same person who I had just been speaking with and she organized a New Product Key for me. :_|

M$ is looking more and more like a Bunch of Bureaucrats to me and I don't enjoy bashing my head against Brick Walls. But that is exactly how I feel whenever I need to deal with this over this 1 Government Department. Thankfully I refuse to do Government or Medical Work now so there are no others and as soon as I can get rid of this one I will happily see the end of them even if I have to wait another year before getting paid.


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I won't :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to Microsoft office 2007 Stu ...

add to much but I can see why you threw the case away. If you had as much trouble as I did trying to open it, I would have thrown it away too, if it was mine.
Blonde has nothing to do with it. We are just a bit different.

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