Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Web Access

By nobodyspecialishere ·
I have no experience w/Outlook.

My friend is having problems with her emails with her account w/her place of work.

To get to the email, they log in onto the company website. I'm guessing that the email is on a server.
So another person suggested that she use Office Outlook and link it to the email account (which shows Microsoft Outlook Web Access at the top of the screen. That's why I'm guessing that it's on a server - I have no idea).

The problem is that when she clicks on the Outlook button and it accesses her account, it shows all her email.
When she logs onto the company site to look at the emails, it only shows the new ones. We can't find the old ones.

I suggested, for the time being, to forward all the emails to herself.
It worked, except it also shows up on Outlook Access and when we deleted it from Outlook Access, it also deleted it from the email account/Web Access (I'm assuming because Outlook Access is connected to the email account)

1) Why is it that we can't see the old emails if she logs in on the company site?

2)What can we do to fix this?
Would this mean removing the email account from Outlook Access?
We're afraid of losing all the old emails.

I suggested to her to save the emails to the hard drive just in case.


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Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Web Access

by PoppaTab In reply to Microsoft Office Outlook ...


I would wager a bet the connection is a pop connection which downloads the email to her computer. Most web based can use pop and some can use imap, but the imap is discouraged for many reasons. I can surf into my email by web and go through email. If I use my client email program on my machine; I get a download of all that has not been already downloaded. When I go back to surf into my email (web based with browser), the emails are gone because they were downloaded to my machine. Did that help?

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Thank You

by nobodyspecialishere In reply to Microsoft Office Outlook ...

You have been very helpful with that explanation. It sounds like that is what is happening.

Is there anyway to get the old email back to her web based email other than forwarding them to herself and moving it to another folder?

The reason is because she is now working out of 2 locations and need access to those emails.

Thank You

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