Microsoft Office Problem

By brian ·
I have a system that takes 3-5 minutes to open any file for office when the file is double clicked. When you load the program up from the start menu, it will open quickly, but still take forever to open a file. I have tried a registry clean and defragment. Does anybody have any other ideas? Thanks for the help in advance! FYI, to open outlook with a 4gb pst file takes about 10 seconds...

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By any chance does...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Microsoft Office Problem

this computer have ThinkVantage Access Connections installed?

If so remove it and try it again. I have seen that program cause havoc on PC's from not opening documents to EXTREMELY long shutdown times.

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by brian In reply to By any chance does...

I do not believe that the system has any ThinkVantage Access connections installed. I am not sure what these are, however if it is a remote software, we have logmein on the machine.

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Check your printers and drive mappings

by scndtnr In reply to Microsoft Office Problem

I've seen this happen when stale/disconnected/non-existent printers are still listed, or when there are drives and/or network shares that are no longer functional.

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by brian In reply to Check your printers and d ...

I did take a look at that, but they are all good...i have re-mapped the drives that are needed and also re-installed the printers that are needed.

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by LocoLobo In reply to Microsoft Office Problem

Does the Application Event Viewer show anything?

Are you opening these documents over a network? Or from your local hd?

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by brian In reply to Questions

Application Event Viewer shows no errors for office or anything required to run office. The documents are being opened from the local hard drive. The drive tests good VIA Seagate Seatools and Fujitsu HDD diagnostics (BIOS reports no SMART errors). It was defragmented and re-defragmented as well. I have cleaned registry errors using CCleaner and Registry Mechanic.

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by LocoLobo In reply to Answers

First check out Ron K's suggestion below. If that doesn't help I have couple of questions.

First, if you create a brand new spreadsheet in Excel, save and close Excel, does the new file take as long to open?

Second, try using windows explorer to navigate to a spreadsheet, then double-click it, does that take as long as opening from Excel?

I ask the last because I have a large spreadsheet on a portable usb drive. If I open it from within Excel everything is slowww. But if I open it from Explorer Excel speed seems normal. I think it has to do with XP access times to the portable drive. It takes a few seconds in explorer to wake the drive up.

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Does that computer have any on-access scan tools?

by Ron K. In reply to Microsoft Office Problem

I'm wondering if it is setup differently from the other computers. MS Help pointed in that direction.<br>
The link below states that a used fixed their problem by editing a registry key, about a quarter of the way down the page. <br>**96-office-xp-open-file-very-slow.html

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