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    Microsoft Office professional XP with Front Page


    by seannawilliams ·

    The Microsoft Office Professional XP w/ Front Page keeps popping up and I
    receive an error message half way through the installation which begins

    Insert the Windows XP Pro Disk and click OK, then after doing this, an
    error message appears saying:

    Installation cannot continue. Try to find installation package
    PROPLUS.MSI in a folder from which you can install the product
    Microsoft Office XP Professional w/ Frontpage.

    I have searched and tried locating this file in the Office folder,
    system 32 and elsewhere, but is no where to be found.

    I have to keep canceling it like 10 times to keep doing what I am doing on whatever program I am on. This program was working just fine for the last year up until 6-22-07 when I used power point. from then on…nothing. I dont have a disk as it was installed on my computer during an upgrade. I dont think its a trial version because its been on there over a year. so wht went wrong???

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