Microsoft Office professional XP with Front Page

By seannawilliams ·
The Microsoft Office Professional XP w/ Front Page keeps popping up and I
receive an error message half way through the installation which begins

Insert the Windows XP Pro Disk and click OK, then after doing this, an
error message appears saying:

Installation cannot continue. Try to find installation package
PROPLUS.MSI in a folder from which you can install the product
Microsoft Office XP Professional w/ Frontpage.

I have searched and tried locating this file in the Office folder,
system 32 and elsewhere, but is no where to be found.

I have to keep canceling it like 10 times to keep doing what I am doing on whatever program I am on. This program was working just fine for the last year up until 6-22-07 when I used power point. from then on...nothing. I dont have a disk as it was installed on my computer during an upgrade. I dont think its a trial version because its been on there over a year. so wht went wrong???

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by bec_qstar In reply to Microsoft Office professi ...

Hi I'm having the same trouble on my computer, just wondering if you figured a way around it???

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Same Problem

by danielr In reply to Microsoft Office professi ...

I have the same exact Problem. Down to the powerpoint execution and everything. Have you found any solution?

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Had this problem before

by larrymcp In reply to Microsoft Office professi ...

I fixed this for someone last year.

Uninstall MS Office, then reinstall. Choose custom install and install EVERYTHING on the hard drive, by right clicking on the root of the programs and features expansion tree, then selecting "run all from HD" (or something like that).

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"selecting "run all from HD" (or something like that). "

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Had this problem before

Select 'Run all from My Computer'. Running from the hard disk means plugging in the disk everytime you need to do something.

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The HD is the Hard Disk

by larrymcp In reply to "selecting "run all from ...

The CD is the CD-ROM

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The HD is the Hard Disk

I'm a tad goofy now and then.

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no sweat

by larrymcp In reply to <red-faced>...
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The HD is the Hard Disk

by larrymcp In reply to "selecting "run all from ...

The CD is the CD-ROM. "Run all from My Computer" IS running from the Hard Drive.

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Office requiring CD - Solution

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Microsoft Office professi ...

When you started PowerPoint, it must have needed to install an optional component that was set to "install on first run". It asked for the CD to finish the installation. Since you don't have the CD and cancelled it when the question was asked, the question will continue to pop up any time you run one of the Office programs. The file it is looking for is the file that tells the installation routine that you have a genuine copy of the program and is not located on your hard drive.

There are only 2 solutions to the problem.

1) Provide the CD it is asking for so it can complete the installation.

2) Uninstall MS Office Pro, including FrontPage.

You said the program was put on your computer during an upgrade, so you don't have the CD. If you don't have the original installation media and CD Key that goes along with it, you are running pirated sofware. The person who did the upgrade on your computer should not have installed it illegally and you can be prosecuted for running an illegal copy of the software.

I would suggest you perform option 2 above to solve the problem. That is, unless you want to try to find a copy of the 5 year old software and purchase it. Good luck finding it. If I remember correctly, retail price for it was around $499 US.

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See if this helps

by ctrservices In reply to Microsoft Office professi ...

Don't give up. Half way down the page.

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