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    Microsoft Office Tutorials


    by lisa_bryant149 ·

    I’m looking for, good, self-paced tutorial sites that students can use in the classroom. I am required to teach Office 2000 applications to students, twice a week for two hours, that have minimal or no computer skills and also to support staff.
    I have students coming and going all the time, some might attend for two sessions others might attend for five. Also, in one session I might have someone wanting to learn Word others wanting to learn Excel etc. Their skills all vary.
    Also, does anyone know of good step-by-step guides for Office 2000 applications, either on-line or ones that I can print to use in class. I am after all levels – from the very basic – for some one that has never used computers before, for over 50s and for others that have previously or are currently using computers.
    Does anyone have others suggestions of ways I can tackle this training.

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