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Microsoft Office Updates

By cacorderoa ·
Are the Microsoft Office Updates important? In what way are they important?

I usually see updates for Microsoft Office that say "security update". What security field may this updates resolved? I can understand some security issues for Windows (The OS) but I do not understand the updates for Office. Are this updates only improvements for Office or also have to do with the security of the PC.

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You can research each update

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Microsoft Office Updates

Google the update number and you can get the details of what that update does.

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by LarryD4 In reply to Microsoft Office Updates

Once you install office you will be surprised on how much your PC will use Office installed services. Especially if you use SharePoint services.

The most "infront" app in the Office suite is Outlook which, even if not used, can be used by viruses to gain information about your pc and email addresses.

The Office suite also has the VB for Applications product that can create more security issues, since its basically a language to be used in office, that can also access many other areas of your PC including the registry.

We always keep our Office suite up to date with all patches. Even on PC's with users that never use office at all.

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But, generically,

by seanferd In reply to Microsoft Office Updates

all software has vulnerabilities, so any patches to those vulnerabilities would be for security. You wouldn't want to open an Office document that has specially formed code in it that could allow an attacker to take some control over your system just because Word or Excel have some buffer overflow problem, would you? With such a vulnerability patched, you no longer have to worry about such an exploit using that vulnerability.

Same reason you update Flash or Acrobat for the most part - security, not added functionality. (You do update these, right? I sure hope so.)

Of course, patches may fix other non-security-related bugs as well.

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