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Microsoft offshoring work on Longhorn

By krishnamurthyts ·
India is emerging as the largest intellectual capital of the world. Today lot of hype has been created on outsourcing. When we have accepted the concept that the world is a lagre global village, we should learn to live and share the resources available in the world. Intellect is to be treated as a scarce commodity and naturally people will be interested to buy wherever it is cheap and quality is assured.
So I think there is nothing wrong in Microsoft outsourcing its projects to any country in the world as long as it is confident of getting a quality product.
We need to develop tolerance. We always talk of universal brotherhood but never practice it. It is high time atleast as intellectual people we shun such phobias.

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Come one be reasonable

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Microsoft offshoring work ...

We all know MS has been trying for years to get its long touted file system to work and that is supposed the be the basis of Longhorn. Well it still isn't working so obviously MS in an attempt to bring in new brains has quite rightly outsourced that component of the OS.

After all if you can not get it to work some one else just might be able to and even get it done by the projected time.

Now exactly when was MS supposed to be releasing the production version of Longhorn?


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Good - maybe it will be a better software

by SkipperUSN In reply to Microsoft offshoring work ...

Good - maybe they will develop a stronger software than ever came out of Redmond. Hey if your staff can't do it - find a staff that can.

The IIT (India's MIT)pumps out some of the top people in Technology brain power - by sitting there and say the US does it better is following the Automobile industry back in the 70's - with Japaneese imports...

There's a question posted here in TR by someone that Asked Why is Information Management course so hard! ... Gee and then people wonder why corporations outsource... Gee - Why is Math so hard... what do I need Algreba for - Why do I need Cal-I and Cal-II... why do I need this course... America is reapping its reward for dumbing down its Educational Courses...

Welcome to the 3rd World - America! (In Boot Camp you have to teach some of these kids how to add and subtract ... they can't do it without a calculator...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

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